Don’t Read About Me !

Kawshun – Read at your von riks !
Now that you are curious let me tell you a something about what I am not –

  1. Not a person to fall -in-line
  2. Politically Correct
  3. Someone who has a High Need for approval.
  4. Who chooses Packaging over Content.
  5. Simple at all.
  6. One Track Mind
  7. A Single Personality.
  8. Rebel without a cause.
  9. Close to Diverse Opinions
  10. Great Poet.

Well if you re are to truly appreciate and more importantly connect with me – then I’d imagine you would typically have more than 6 attributes mentioned above.

if not – then I am guessing you might find the blog

  1. Boring
  2. Confusing
  3. Don’t Know

Which is fine with me as well.

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